Do You Feel Below-Par?

You have seen your GP who has run all of the appropriate tests and informed you that the results are normal and that there is nothing to worry about, but your symptoms have not improved and you still feel below par.

If you are deficient in specific vitamins or minerals, your fat intake is imbalanced, you are short of protein or eating the wrong carbohydrates, making changes to your diet could help.

Identifying and changing these on your own is difficult, but this is where your Nutritional Therapist is trained to help.

If you want to discuss whether or not I am the right person to help you, please do give me a call or contact me. I am an online practitioner only and work from 7am until 3pm by Skype or Facetime from Sunday to Thursday inclusive.

"I support people who feel below par - small changes in your diet may lead to big changes in your health"