Fees & Other Costs


Contact me for a free 10 minute conversation to establish whether I am the right person for you to see.

I expect that each client will:


If appropriate I may recommend clinical testing*. I take no commission on tests, however they can be expensive. For example those who have had IBS symptoms following foreign travel may need a comprehensive parasitology stool test. This costs £120.  I am very happy to work with clients who do not wish to undertake testing.

*Nutritional Therapists are not allowed to diagnose. If you are suffering from any health condition you should always consult your GP.


Sometimes people need a lift to get their nutritional status back on track, and then I may recommend supplements. I want my clients to know that anything I recommend is entirely for their benefit and does not benefit me, so I take no commission and I pass on as much discount to my clients as possible. I do not stock supplements but can help you find suppliers of anything we may agree that you might like to try.

"I support people who feel below par - small changes in your diet may lead to big changes in your health"